Harry Pino, PhD, TPI, CPT

Harry Pino, PhD earned his doctorate in Clinical Exercise Physiology and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, as well as a Board certified exercise physiologist from the American Society of Exercise Physiology. Dr. Pino has more than 25 years of experience working in the areas of sports medicine, risk factor reduction, lifestyle intervention and obesity.

Dr. Pino is on the editorial board and reviewer for Bariatric Surgical Nursing and Patient Care and Bariatric Times, and has also published articles in the aforementioned journals. He has presented, nationally and internationally, on various aspects of exercise physiology particularly concerning sports performance testing and obesity. Currently, Dr Pino is the senior exercise physiologist for Optimum Performance Physical Therapy and The Body Lab in Jersey City, NJ.

As an active participant in the field of exercise physiology, he remains on the Board of Accreditation for the Society of Exercise Physiologists and is the immediate past president for the Massachusetts Association of Clinical Exercise Physiologists. He is a Consultant for the PUR Olympic Team and served on the Board of Directors for the Greater New York American College of Sports Medicine Chapter.

In the past several years, Dr Pino served as the senior clinical exercise physiologist for the Center for Musculoskeletal Care Sports Performance Center at NYU Medical Center Langone. He also has served as the clinical exercise physiology program director for Tufts Medical Center, clinical integration director at Celebration Health, Florida.

His years of experience include working closely with both healthy adults and children, and individuals with cardiac and obesity risk factors. His practical and clinical experience includes lifestyle intervention strategies for the “at risk” cardiac and obese patient, cardiovascular conditioning and muscle strengthening.

Dr. Pino’s research interests include sports performance testing, long-term weight loss, physical activity as a lifestyle intervention strategy, and muscle strengthening.