Our Practice

The Body Lab is a low volume-high quality, one-on-one practice where every patient receives a full body analysis for their concerns. You’ll experience a balanced approach to physical therapy, fitness and performance. We use proven hands-on techniques, the latest in high-tech diagnostic equipment, and expertly trained and licensed physical therapists with doctoral level degrees. We take the time to isolate not only all the local causes of your pain but other areas effecting them to ensure you recover as quickly and safely as possible for long term results. We then apply our advanced technology to analyze your performance and insure you are able to pursue your sport or fitness goals without pain while achieving optimal performance.

We often see people who have had poor results elsewhere. People come to The Body Lab because they know we deliver results!

Physical Therapy & Fitness That’s Knowledgeable

Dr Rick Rutkowski has 29 years of experience and advanced certifications to help you. His unique training is unlike any other health care practitioner in Jersey City. Dr Rick uses the latest evidence based information from professional journals and educational conferences to insure he delivers state of the art care for you and your family. And with Dr Harry Pino, they have over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of physical therapy, exercise physiology and performance.

Physical Therapy & Fitness That’s Personal

We treat every patient like an individual, designing an efficient, personalized treatment program based on your past history and current abilities. We test-not guess how your body performs using the latest in diagnostic equipment and specialized motion sensors ONLY available at The Body Lab.


We are committed to improving a patient’s quality of life by delivering comprehensive hands-on rehabilitation services, fitness and performance testing culling objective diagnostic data to design a prescriptive therapeutic exercise program to achieve pain-free performance for years to come.

What makes The Body Lab so unique?

  • A variety of manual therapy specialities for treating spinal & sports injuries and postoperative conditions.
  • Highly specialized sports rehabilitation techniques & equipment to help everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors.
  • Hands-on physical therapy & highly personalized care from licensed therapists and exercise physiologists who take the time to get to know you & to develop a treatment plan that’s precisely right for your particular situation.
  • Extensive patient education, including sports & wellness programs to help you prevent re-injury
  • The experience of physical therapists and exercise physiologists whose musculoskeletal expertise has helped thousands feel better without medication or surgery.
  • A comprehensive three-dimensional approach to effectively treat all areas that contribute to your pain & weakness.
  • Video analysis of gait and running and DorsaVi sensors to detect even the slightest deficits in performance.
  • We also offer sophisticated body composition and circumference equipment (Fit3D scanner) and advanced balance and concussion management equipment, 
  • We bring Olympic level care to you! We’ve treated and trained professional and Olympic level athletes of all ages.


Taking the time

Communication and education are the keys to achieving your rehabilitation and physical fitness goals. Relieving your pain and helping you prevent re-injury is our focus at The Body Lab. We’ve realized that a well-educated patient is more likely to recover more quickly and with better long term results.

That’s why we always take the time to explain our approach. On your initial visit, we’ll spend an hour with you to help ensure we fully understand the reasons for your pain and help discover the best ways to relieve it and train without being re-injured.