Patient Testimonials

  • “Advanced education, certifications, compassion, and experience set us apart from the competition. Each session, whether in Physical Therapy or Personal Training, is one hour long and customized to get the best results for you.”


  • “Thank you for taking the time to truly understand my issues and goals.I can’t tell you how pleased I was to find a physical therapist who spent unrushed one on one time with me and was able to help me recover from all the pain.”


  • “Dr rick is tremendous!! Never thought i would get my nice figure back and stop my knee problems.”


  • “I am a mother of a 13 year old girl who had a shoulder injury (impingement), sustained from a dance recital. She has for 10 years taken tap, jazz and ballet. For the last 5 years she has been involved in competitive dance. She woke up one morning beyond tears. She could not even lift her right arm over her head. Her shoulder motion was completely restricted, and she was almost crippled in any dance movement she tried to execute…. rick and his staff go the “extra mile” in every aspect of treatment. They truly are a “one of a kind” …. seeing my daughter’s amazing progress unfold literally before my eyes is a true blessing. My daughter has now resumed her full dance schedule. I’m delighted because she is pain free with movement now.”


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