Golf Program With Titleist Jersey City, NJ

Golf Program With Titleist Performance Instruction

Golf specific program using PT, functional training and core exercises to restore pain free powerful swing mechanics.

Swinging your club more does not always equal better results. Preparing your body to swing well is our goal at The Body Lab. A specific analysis of your spine and limbs during your swing is essential to ensure adequate motion, flexibility, strength, and balance in order to produce a powerful and pain-free golf swing. We can break your swing down joint by joint and make sure each area is doing its optimal job thereby prevent injury and avoiding compensation somewhere else in the body. Just like any athlete, golfers need to understand that in order to play well they need to train well. Just swinging the club will only produce the same pattern of movement and same results over time. Developing and training healthier and more efficient patterns of movement will only help you to practice more and improve your clubhead speed while avoiding pain.

A simple home program can be taught to alleviate many of the restrictions and or weaknesses within the body. Hands-on physical therapy may be needed to help alleviate restrictions within certain muscles and joints allowing you to move better and benefit from your home exercise program optimally. Our Titleist performance instructor, Dr. Harry Pino, can help identify your weaknesses and restrictions and help formulate a highly individualized and customized program to allow you to swing at your best for years to come. For more information, Contact Us Today at Jersey City, NJ Center.