Performing Arts Therapy Jersey City, NJ

Performing Arts Therapy

Performers experience unique demands on their body and require the special skills and training of a Physical Therapist familiar with this sport. Our therapists have specific training thru NYU’s Harkness Center for Dance Injury.

Performing artists are the unsung heroes of the athletic world. These performers stretch, jump and pound for many hours every day often suffering from chronic injuries that never fully heal or treated thoroughly. With a specific full body analysis related to their art, each dancer can discover how they can become more balanced and aligned and receive corrective exercises to help restore pain-free motion, strength and symmetry to their bodies. Hands-on physical therapy can alleviate the pain and strain occurring in the injured and related areas thereby allowing improved motion and performance.

The goal of any dancer is putting long hours in the studio always striving to improve their art and our programs allow them to do just that. We offer physical therapy and training based on NYU’s Harkness Center for dance injuries giving our patients the best care available anywhere. We treat and train dancers of all ages and abilities. Don’t let an initial injury or ache start to slow you down and hinder your dreams of being the best you can be. Dance injury treatment is highly effective and can help you stay at your best performance for years to come. For more information, Contact Us Today at Jersey City, NJ Center.