Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercises Jersey City, NJ

Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercises

Your body is changing quickly to accommodate your growing baby. But along the way you can experience the aches and pains of motherhood. Back pain and leg pain are common during pregnancy but can be alleviated with gentle hands on physical therapy and therapeutic exercises.

We follow your doctors advice and adhere to the national medical standards when it comes to therapy and personal training. Dr Rick has a 6 month old himself and has helped his own wife as well as numerous other women feel and function better during this time.

At some point after you deliver your new bundle of joy, you will become motivated to start on the road to getting your physique back. We can help by firstly assessing your abilities and then designing a customized program just for you.

We also offer pelvic floor exercises and gentle manual therapy for painful c section scars.

We look forward to helping you feel and perform better so you can be healthy and fit for your new family. For more information, Contact Us Today at Jersey City, NJ Center.