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Running Analysis

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Running Analysis with RunWell

The most advanced running analysis anywhere!

    • PT specific biomechanical evaluation
    • Functional movement screen
    • Video running analysis

Whether you’re a recreational or a professional runner, RunWell can help you lower your risk of injury and maximize your performance.

Running produces forces on your body in excess of three times your body weight with every foot strike thereby causing tremendous forces up your legs and spine. If you have inherent weaknesses, malalignments or past injuries these forces can be magnified on one side of the body more than the other producing injurious asymmetries that will eventually slow or stall your ability to run and train.

During a specific running analysis your physical therapist or trainer will perform a head to toe screen of your ability to move and the quality of that movement testing range of motion, flexibility, strength, and balance. The video analysis of you running allows us to analyze every joint from the back and from the side as well as calculate angles to discover abnormal biomechanics occurring which can lead to excessive strain, pain and injury.

The overall goal of a comprehensive analysis is to ensure that you are running as efficiently as possible spreading the forces evenly throughout your body and correcting any asymmetries or malalignments with the appropriate exercises. Running technique and shoe wear is also analyzed and can be modified as needed on an individual basis. Training mileage and frequency is also discussed and altered according to what your body needs at that particular time. A professionally based strength and conditioning program can be given to produce long-lasting results allowing you to train for years to come. For more information, Contact Us Today at Jersey City, NJ Center.