TrainSmart Programs Jersey City, NJ

TrainSmart Programs

Trainsmart is a unique, professional full body assessment which incorporates concepts from the fields of physical therapy, athletic training and personal training. This comprehensive evaluation is only offered by The Body Lab.

Trainsmart starts as two sessions – the first session is an hour long assessment evaluating motion, flexibility, strength, power, and balance. The second session reviews and addresses all deficiencies found during the assessment and provides exercises to address any imbalance or weakness. Ongoing training sessions can continue if desired. Reaching your goals was never easier and more effective than with our trainsmart program!

Here is what you can expect:

  • Reaching your goals was never easier and more effective than with our TRAINSMART program!
  • Improve performance in ANY sport or exercise class
  • Developed by rehab and training expert Rick Rutkowski, PT, DPT, ACSM-CPT, MTC, BOC, CSCS, Ped
  • Get a full body workout and assessment in one to discover and treat your own injuries and get the body you’ve always wanted.
  • Learn the rehab and training secrets used by professional athletes.


Picture8 TrainSmart Programs

For Kids

Practice the foundations of movement to learn the right way to exercise, be fit and gain that athletic advantage. Age-appropriate testing and exercise training to improve flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, speed, and power. A customized program designed to analyze the potential injury before it strikes. Maximize your potential and longevity in any sport and protect that future college scholarship.

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For Adults

Recover from old injuries while getting fit, looking lean and decreasing your risk for heart disease, type II diabetes and more. Statistics show that with our program you can slow or even reverse the aging process and all the ailments that come along with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. We offer the most comprehensive assessment and fitness program to improve all components of your health and well-being. Live without pain and worrying about what may happen in the future. Don’t lose work or recreation time and avoid costly medical bills that come with the usual aliments and diseases that crop up during midlife and beyond. Stay active and regain your abilities to play sports with your friends and kids.

Picture10 TrainSmart Programs

For Seniors

Improve your strength, motion, flexibility, balance at any age. Lead a more active lifestyle, prevent falls and injuries and enjoy life. Specific senior fitness tests designed for people over 60 to keep you more mobile and fit while keeping out of the doctor’s office! You can improve your functional abilities to walk, climb stairs and pick up your grandkids with our specific program designed just for you. Come train with the REAL experts in the movement sciences. For more information, Contact Us Today at Jersey City, NJ Center.