Visceral Manipulation Jersey City, NJ

Visceral Manipulation

Through gentle, intuitive assessments and manipulation of the organs and their connective tissues, a patient can experience pain relief and improved digestion.

Past injury, surgery and even emotional stress can produce restrictions and pain within the chest wall and abdominal cavity due to abnormal strain from the connective tissue attaching to those organs. Many times, pain generated from these restrictions can be easily misdiagnosed as diseases occurring within the organs. When those related medical tests come back negative than visceral manipulation is an excellent choice in helping to alleviate the restrictions and adhesions that form between the organs and the body itself. Often, the interconnections between the organs and the spine and extremities can cause indirect strain and pain to those areas altering posture and body mechanics. Visceral manipulation is a very gentle form of mobilizing the organs and the fascial connections between them thereby alleviating pain while improving mobility and an overall sense of well-being.

Abdominal surgery is well known for producing painful and often serious adhesions within and between the organs necessitating the use of visceral manipulation to help free them. Lifestyle advice, positioning and gentle exercises follow the manipulation sessions and can help improve symptoms dramatically. Another significant benefit to this form of treatment is in improving indigestion and even constipation as well as improved energy levels. Come see how this effective form of treatment can help you when nothing else seems to. For more information, Contact Us Today at Jersey City, NJ Center.