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Weight Loss/Wellness

There are many weight loss programs out there, but at The Body Lab, we’ve developed the most precise and effective long-term program at our office in Jersey City, NJ. We use the most qualified professionals and the latest high-tech equipment to see how your body functions on the inside and then use that information to prescribe a specific program to ensure effective long-term weight loss and overall health. We use highly specialized equipment called VO2 testing to determine the exact caloric intake your body needs at any given time. You’re resting metabolic rate is also calculated and used for specific, individualized exercise guidance.

The Body Lab also boasts the most highly advanced exercise equipment to enhance motion, strength, balance, and fitness. Our goal is to have you be the healthiest you can be while protecting your joints during exercise and to help you live the life that was meant for you. Our program includes three sessions of evaluation and advice from our team of health professionals that are well trained in the fields of exercise physiology. physical therapy, personal training, and nutrition. The cost of our program is $285 for 3-hour long sessions. Start on the road to a new and vibrant you.

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